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Basement Waterproofing Solutions

Due to the typical nature of a basement, which is built below grade, basements tend to take on water in one way or another. At a minimum, maybe you notice dampness, or humidity. You may notice moist basement walls occasionally, water puddles or trickles, or worst case scenario- a flood. Whether your basement is humid, damp or wet, this can result in peeling paint, mold, mildew growth rotting wood and damage to storage items or a living space you created in your basement. No matter if you are only using your basement for storage or if you are trying to create a living space, you better consider basement waterproofing solutions with Basement Solutions Akron OH

Builders will always take reasonable steps to waterproof or mitigate water during construction but overtime, homes settle which will create cracks. As soil becomes saturated, water can find its way in by a few different pathways:

Poorly installed Gutters: Gutters will direct water away from the home but if these are not installed properly, or clogged, water will drain in to the basement instead of making its way away from the home.

Improper Slope-  The ground around your home should slope away from the home, not towards it. 

Hydrostatic Pressure– Hydro pressure occurs when water pressure accumulates around the foundation of the home. As gravity creates pressure, the water will need and want a place to escape, thus making its way into your home. 

Foundation cracks– small cracks and fissures in your basement walls or around windows or doors will allow water to intrude. 

Condensation– Basement are damp places due to being partially or fully below ground. 

Improper Soil and Drainage systems: If water is not properly directed away from the home, it will accumulate and make its way into the basement. 

As you can see, there are a number of ways that wet basements in Akron OH can occur.  Basement Solutions of Akron OH can mitigate each of these through waterproofing Akron OH!

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Methods of Basement
Waterproofing Akron OH

Interior waterproofing- Basement waterproofing can occur via waterproofing your Akron OH basement from the inside using sealants and Epoxy injections. This is the least costly way to waterproof your basement. It is more considered a band-aid. These masonry products are applied to your walls to prevent water coming in. This method to waterproofing in Akron should be used in conjunction with other waterproofing methods. 

Improving drainage – This is probably the best option for most waterproofing basement methods in Akron. This is a more cost effective and less disruptive method than exterior excavation.  An interior basement drainage system, also called a French Drain, involves digging a trench along the interior perimeter of the basement floor and installing a drain and sump pump to move water out of the basement. These hidden trenches capture water from leaks in walls as soon as they occur and channels the water to a sump pump. 

Exterior waterproofing– Waterproofing a basement foundation in Akron OH often involves using polymers and membranes to coat the foundation walls, then installing a drain on the outside of the home, underground. This is considered the most effective way to waterproof your Akron OH basement but it can be very time consuming to excavate everything and can also cost a lot of money.