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Foundation Repair

In the majority of cases, water is the culprit for foundation issues in Akron OH. Variations in moisture cause components of the soil to swell or shrink leading to movement beneath the foundation. Soils that contain larger amounts of clay content are most susceptible to be affected by water issues and those soils that do not hold as much water and drain quickest are less susceptible.  Foundation issues can become very costly, but can be mitigated easily if you take action right away. Do not delay calling Basement Solutions of Akron OH if you start to see cracks or suspect foundation issues.

  • Diagonal Cracks: Cracks in your walls, particularly near the window and door frames, indicate foundation damage. They often occur because the forces in the settlement are pushing against the wall. 
  • Doors Not Latching: If doors stick out or do not latch property at the top or the bottom, it’s another sign your home needs foundation repair. When the foundation moves at the bottom, the door frame also shifts out of position and doesn’t latch. 
  • Cracks in Bricks: Often, foundation damage leads to a stair-like cracking pattern in the exterior walls, especially close to window openings. 
  • Movement In Inner Fixtures: If you notice movement in your countertop or any other fixture, it could point towards some sort of foundation damage. It also appears as lines in the bathroom and kitchen tiles. 

Through our foundation repair services, we aspire to make homes safer and more valuable for Akron residents. Our attractive pricing, satisfactory performance, and multi-year expertise will not disappoint. 

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Foundation Repair Akron OH
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Foundation Repair Akron OH